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Creating eBooks for eReader Devices –

One of the easiest development strategies to use when writing for digital eBook publishing is to create your material using a wordprocessor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.org Writer. Once your writing is complete, you simply export or save your work to a PDF format! This process allows creating your own eBook easy!

If you use Microsoft Word and do not have a PDF converter, you can download free applications that will convert your writing in a wordprocessor to a PDF format!

You can find such applications easily by searching via Google.com, Yahoo.com or Bing.com.

Development of eBooks has changed greatly over the past few years with the onset of eReaders and eBook reading devices flooding the market.

In the past most people would read an executable eBook format opened and accessed on their PC or a PDF eBook on a Mac or AT PC. The PDF format document is compatible on both the PC and the Mac!

However, digital ebooks, ebook readers and devices have changed!  The technology advancement of eBook Readers and eReader Devices have improved the effortlessness and expansion of the PDF and ePub formats for publishing, downloading and reading.

For any writer, emphasis can be on the writing of material in a word processor simply saved or exported to the format requirement of an eReader device; in addition to PDF formatted eBooks being read on PC and Mac style computers.

There are many ebook creator software applications available on the market. Some are Freeware and some are sold. Several can be quite expensive. Yet, there is a FREE, EASY and Quick complementary method to create digital ebooks that can be ready for publication on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other publishers.

The quickest and simplest creation technique is by using OpenOffice.org Writer from the OpenOffice.org Suite. You can use the ‘Writer’ application wordprocessor to write your material and then ‘export’ the document into a PDF format!

Most publishers accept the ebook PDF format as an upload to their publishing system. Depending upon how much of you create without the publishers’ assistance determines the cost of publishing. It is possible to publish your ebook for a very low amount. In some cases Free.

If you decide to use Microsoft Word, and you want to create a PDF, depending upon the version you use, it may not include a PDF converter. If you use Microsoft Word included with Microsoft Office 2007 version or later, the ability to save a document as a PDF is available.  If you do not use a wordprocessor with the capability of saving or exporting a document to PDF format, there are free standing PDF creators you can download Free! The important feature when choosing a PDF converter is to be sure that it supports ‘hypertext URL links’. You should test your converter if you want any URL links to transfer actively from your wordprocessor into the PDF format.

You can download a free standing PDF converter at the following URL links:


http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator Information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDFCreator

More will be written on publishing for Amazon.com’s Kindle eReader, Barnes and Noble’s ‘Nook’ eReader, Apples’s iPad and others.

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