This was the start:

August 6, 1987:

Great joy and pleasure fill my heart since I’ve experienced a relationship with God.

This occurrence has given me a realization and strengthened my communication bond.

Now, I feel awakened. As though, I’ve come alive more so than I have ever before.

I have a different outlook from days of gloom to the happiness I pray for.

March 12, 1988:

Dear Jesus, how it eases us to think of you!

We receive contentment and pleasure in what we do

When our motives are in thought of your righteous ways.

We continually pray that you will come in these days.

Addressing the evils and all that Satan has control of.

Jesus, the Son of God, saved the world with his love.

Who has suffered more than any human could endure for our sake,

Has evidenced his power and worthiness with no doubt or mistakes.

We pray, dear Lord, you will forgive us for any of our sins.

We also pray we can discern and maintain common sense within.

Likewise, we repent unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Almighty!

By Jesus’ forgiveness, we can redeem ourselves. Experience love and goodness.

It is a joyfulness to spread words of love and comfort in many ways.

So we can share, smile, and be giving more of ourselves throughout our days.





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