For Writers, Authors, Musicians, Poets, Singers, Artists, e-book or Print on Demand creators, and all who aspire to have your creative material published—I am fantastically and ever so excited, this is the very best time in all generations of publishing history for you to become the successfully published author or artist you have dreamed you could be.

Beyond doubt, the increase of writers is needed in the digital e-book publishing arena as the digital tablets, e-book Readers, Audio Book devices and Smartphone technology wars emerge, each threatening to take over the industry and remove Apple and others from its dominance.

The excitement builds as manufacturers continue to introduce into the marketplace new e-book, audiobooks, and tablet-style devices in addition to the variety of Smartphones. The market is flooded with e-book Reader, Audio-Book, and computer tablet devices, and it is only going to increase its existence. Each day and month, another digital device is introduced to the consumer offering less expensive with more features.

Users of tablets, E-readers, and audiobook devices, including smartphones, reap customer benefits since released their less costly Android tablets in September 2011. The Kindle tablet provides most features and options users have long wished for over the years since the original Kindle e-book Reader was first announced and placed into the marketplace and at the right prices.

The comfort level and trust users have for and the Kindle definitely facilitates a new competitor to iPad and other manufacturers. The marketplace has long awaited additional front-runners to satisfy the many users’ needs to reduce Apple’s iPad dominance.

The benefits to readers of digital book and document products are bountiful! Moreover, the benefits to writers are plenteous!

I am speaking to aspiring authors; imagine the vast number of e-book and audiobook products currently required for consumers to read and listen to. Then imagine with thousands more consumers purchasing the technology the greater number of users, the greater the requirement for digital products!

It is another technological style revolution, just as the personal computer flooded the market. Currently, the reduced prices for digital devices caused by manufacturer wars facilitate the vast numbers of users. Therefore, immeasurable and incalculable numbers of digital products, such as e-books, audiobooks, videos, music, movies, applications, and other types are limitless.

Writers, now is the time, if you have not published your material, you should wait no more! There are many consumers ready for your work. The self-publishing revolution is at its greatest moments and in its cosmic days.

Since 2003, I have assisted others in self-publishing their material to market on ‘ClickBank’ eBay, various auctions,,, and or on their very own websites. I have aggressively promoted others on how to create, write and publish their digital products.

When I first began, the availability and alternatives for self-publishing digital products consisted of and included PDF and HTML conversions for consumers to read on personal computers and notebooks.

Currently, the alternatives are measureless! It is for this very reason, I urge you to finalize what you have desired and aspired to achieve and publish your material immediately.

Follow your desires and dreams to publish your ideas, thoughts, comments, journals, music, poems, art, and more.

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