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Long before the name ‘e-book’ was known, I envisioned an electronic bookstore and electronic access to information. I also pictured computers being like tiny transistor radios(iPod).

As a technical writer, computer programmer, instructor, and technological support professional it was inevitable that I would create informational and digital products, and assist others who wished to create electronic-style e-books also.

You are free to download, read, learn from, and enjoy any of the FREE E-BOOKS available for download on this site.

I did not create my first e-book until 2003. However, I had been taking online educational continuing e-courses since 1998 and utilized the capabilities of downloading textbooks less expensively than the regular pricing for hardback textbooks.

It was at that time, I realized the immediate access to the information and the capabilities to search and index the contents. I found the experience beneficial to any learning environment.

I created my first e-book using HTML compilation e-book software application. I can still use this e-book today as I created only one HTML page with additional pages webpages via Internet link access. In other words, the one-page e-book had Internet hypertext links to all the chapter pages included.

I tested many different e-books HTML compiler applications in addition to various PDF software converters.

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